There are 19311 Books in the College Library(Reference Books=2150 , Journals=14 ) regarding to all subjects taught in college .College has a regular subcription of 17 newspaper (hindi & English) and 22 magazines.All the students are directed to adhere to the following rules strictly

  • All the students on rolls shall be eligible for Library member of College Library
  • Every student is entitle to draw two books for home for a 30 days
  • The brrower will be totally responsible for the book drawn by him/her
  • Fine of Rs.1 per day per book will be charged beyond due date from defaulter student
  • In case book is found torn ,misplaced the actual cost of the book & 20% of cost have charged from defaulter students
  • Students can get their library Security refunded one year after leaving the college .
  • Seating capacity of library is 210 students .
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