Seminars and Workshops

A Workshop:

A Workshop for Post Graduate Students of English of Govt. P. G. College Rampur Bushahr was conducted by the Department of English on 11 April 2013. The topic was Paper Presentation : A Creative Craft. The presentation was divided into four sections :  Prof  Poonam presented her paper on art of writing a good paper . Prof  Sangeeta  Negi   dealt with the nuances of skillful reading of a paper. Prof Upma  Sharma  guided  the students to make effective Power Point Presentation. Dr Suneela Sharma effectively demonstrated the Power  Point  Presentation .

A Seminar:

A seminar was conducted by the Department of  English on Tuesday, 23 April 2013. The Chief Guest for the occasion was  Prof. Shyam Lal , Vice Principal of Govt. P. G. College Rampur Bushahr. Prof. Sangeeta  Negi  initiated the pre-tea session  by welcoming the esteemed Professors of other faculties and then proceeded  by inviting students of Semester IV for Paper reading :  

                                 i.            Nisha   (8001):   Post Modernism.

                               ii.            Madan   (8003):  American Myth.

                              iii.            Uzma   (8004) :   Culture Studies.

                             iv.            Anjali   (8005): Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences by Jacques      Derrida.

                               v.            Monica   (8006):   The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes.

                             vi.            AmbiKa  (8009):  Contrast between Bim and Tara in Clear Light of Day.

                            vii.            Sushma  (8013):   Reader Response Theory.

                          viii.            Hemlata  (8015): Technique of the  The Theatre of the Absurd in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

                             ix.            Praveen Verma  (8016):  “Rudali” A Feminist text of Women Empowerment.

                               x.            Upma  (8017):   Samskara :  As a Post Modernist Text.

                            xi.            Sonika (8020) : Theme and Technique used in Death of a Salesman.

After the paper reading  by students of Semester IV ,there was a Tea-break ,followed by the post-tea session. Prof Poonam  resumed the session by inviting the students of Semester II:

                              i.               Hukam Singh  (5101):  Origin and Theories of Language.

                               ii.            SattPrakash  (5104):  Romanticism.

                              iii.            Deepak Palsra  (5106):  Pessimism in Victorian Age.

                             iv.            Abhi Lata  (5107): The Oxford Movement.

                               v.            Sneh Lata  (5108) : Heart of Darkness.

                             vi.            Sonika  (5109):  The Social Background of Victorian Literature.

                            vii.            Ghan Shyam  (5110): Influence of  French Revolution in English Literature.

                          viii.            Mamta Negi  (5111):  Coleridge as a Romantic Poet.

                             ix.            Anuraj  (5112):  The Problem Play.

                               x.            Savita  (5113):  William Wordsworth as a Poet of Nature.

                             xi.            Arti  (5114):  Tennyson as a Representative of his Age.

                            xii.            Ravi  (5116):  Influence of French Revolution in English Literature.

                          xiii.            Poonam Shashi  (5117): Browning and the Dramatic Monologue.

                          xiv.            Mohini (5118) :  Stream of Consciousness.

                           xv.            Nitin  (5119): The women Novelist of the Victorian Era.

The Chief Guest Prof. Shyam  Lal delivered a speech to boost the morale of the students in their quest for excellence. At the end of the session  ,Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr Suneela Sharma, H.O.D. English, marking the culmination of the seminar.

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