Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA)

IT is moving mantra of twenty first century being at the helm of becoming a superpones in next decades, the Indian youth today can play a pivotal role in the world of information and technology. Bachelor of computer application is a course that not only equips the student with advance IT knowledge but enables then to channelize and concretize their fancy and imagination. Therefore, I wish all the success to the students looking for a professional in the field of computer and information technology through the degree course of BCA. The secret of success which I can give to our BCA student is be Imaginative, concretize your Imagination and then bring in a revolution in the world around you.


      CO-Ordinator (BCA)

Department of Bachelor of Computer Applications :

    Teaching Staff :                                  Non -Teaching Staff:

    Shri Pradeep Goswami (Assistant Prof.)                          Mrs. Leela Negi (Lab. Attendant)
    Shri Ajay Kanain (Assistant Prof.)                                    Mr. Balbir Kanain (Computer Operator)
    Mrs. Sunila Negi (Assistant Prof.)
    Miss. Aditi Kansal (Assistant Prof.)

     lab      lab